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The world’s deepest calf stretch. Everyday.

CalfPRO® is the world’s first leveraged Calf stretcher!

This unique device holds your heel in place so you can quickly and easily stretch your calves daily, with complete control and measurable results.

Tight calves can lead to a myriad of foot, knee, hip and back conditions. Stretching your calves daily with CalfPRO® can help you to resolve pathologies of the back and lower extremities even before they happen!

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4 reviews for CalfPRO®

  1. Ann Lee

    Awesome! This really gives an incredible stretch!! It’s better than anything else- nothing comes near it!!! My husband keeps trying to hog it!

  2. Mark Johnson

    The deepest stretch ever, I use it everyday and now my plantar fascists is gone!!

  3. Brandon

    As someone who struggles from over-pronantion and super tight calfs, the CalfPro is a dream come true. I no longer have to use random walls to try to stretch my calfs.

  4. Yosef Benson

    I was a huge supporter even before the prototype came out. When I went to David’s office to try it out for the first time I was completely shocked by how much I underestimated how well it would work. When you try it for the first time it has such a WOW factor. Incredible is an understatement!

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